Website migrations can be seamless…

But they take a lot of heavy lifting.

Are you merging multiple sites into one? Maybe you’re redesigning your site and moving it to a new domain or CMS? Whatever positive disruption you’re making to your site, you can be sure we’ve seen it.

Before undertaking any movement on your website, it’s essential to craft a battle plan to ensure you don’t tank your site’s rankings. That’s where we come in. Our SEO website migrations service is a skill we’ve fine-tuned over the past decade and is something we’re confident we can help you with.


Here’s how we work with you

While site launches can come in many forms and shapes, conceptually they’re all the same. We want to move from point A to point B while experiencing no negative impact on traffic and sales. In the video on the right, our founder Jonathan explains some of the most common processes we follow during these complex projects.

New Design Launch

We work hand-in-hand with your developers to ensure the launch of your new website design goes as smoothly as possible and you don’t tank your site’s existing rankings.

Domain Migration or Merge

Whether you are switching from one domain to another, or you are merging multiple domains together, we will carefully create a merge strategy for your dev team to follow.

New Design + Domain Migration or Merge

In some cases you may launch a new design at the same time as changing or merging domains. Our team can guide you to create a cohesive merge strategy and work with the design and development team to establish a comprehensive plan.

Unlocking SEO Success with Expert Guidance.

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Website Migrations

The Process

These are the aspects of your website’s SEO we’ll confidently take over to help knock your goals out of the park.

Site Analysis

In most cases, our clients aren’t 100% sure of every part of their website that needs to be transferred. During the initial step of the migration, our team deep dives into the site to identify every page that needs to be transferred.

Our Latest Success

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Billing and Pricing

We don’t do one-size-fits-all pricing, just like we don’t do one-size-fits-all SEO campaigns. Once we get on a call (or two) to thoroughly understand your SEO goals (and your budget), we’ll present a detailed project roadmap outlining exactly what we’ll do for your brand each month and how much it costs.

Integrated SEO Solutions

We don’t do a-la-carte campaigns — such as “just content” or “just technical SEO.” Our team’s glowing success-rate relies on us working together closely to achieve your SEO goals.

Dynamic SEO Collaboration

SEO takes time. But that doesn’t mean we demand a long-term commitment. We operate on a monthly retainer basis with a 30-day notice cancellation policy.


Our love and inspiration drives success

Jonathan and his team are one of the most organized partners I work with. Not once have I ever had to worry about what/when work is getting completed for us. They use several organization tools to plan and execute our content as well as optimize our website for SEO.

I also am very impressed in the way the team understands our brand and really sounds like a true expert on the topics we write about. Golf is a hard sport to learn the terms and lingo, but the team took no time to get up to speed and create valuable content for our niche. I can always count on Jonathan and his team to do what they say they are going to do and I really appreciate that!

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From the moment I began working with i2W, our online presence & web based growth increased.

Before working with them, we were struggling to generate significant traffic to our website & convert visitors into customers. But thanks to their expert guidance & strategic approach, our website’s visibility in search engines has vastly improved. We now consistently rank higher in search results for chosen keywords, which has led to a substantial increase in sales. Jonathan & his team’s knowledge of SEO & the latest industry trends has been instrumental in optimizing our website effectively. They conducted a comprehensive audit & showed me SEO techniques that truly make a difference. Our website’s structure & content have been enhanced, resulting in a more user-friendly & engaging experience for our visitors. One of the things we appreciate the most about i2W is their transparency and communication. Throughout the entire process, they keep me informed of their progress, provide detailed monthly reports, & most importantly they use words I understand when they are explaining what they are doing. Our return on investment by using i2W has been fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending i2W as an SEO provider.

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ScoutLogic’s partnership with SwishDM has been a key driver of our tremendous growth for the past several years. Our category is highly competitive, yet SwishDM has developed strategies and tactics that have enabled their attributed MQLs to consistely return in excess of a 10X return on our investment in each year. SwishDM has a “can do” attitude, jumping in to help on projects (e.g. our website refresh) in the spririt of driving our growth.

ScoutLogic is grateful for the partnership!

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We cannot emphasize enough the pivotal role SwishDM has played in catapulting our company’s growth. Partnering with them for nearly 5 years has been a game-changer for us. Prior to discovering SwishDM, we had tried various SEO agencies, only to be repeatedly disappointed by lackluster results. However, from the very first month of working with SwishDM, we witnessed a remarkable improvement in our Google rankings. Their commitment to delivering on their promises is truly commendable and has instilled unwavering trust in their services.

Notably, when we embarked on a website overhaul last year, SwishDM was our guiding light throughout the entire project. They demonstrated unparalleled expertise, and thanks to their vigilance, we managed to avoid potential disasters by addressing critical website structure issues that could have severely impacted our online visibility. SwishDM’s approach to SEO is nothing short of exceptional. Their top-notch strategies consistently drive results and have significantly enhanced our online presence. Their team’s dedication, responsiveness, and consistent delivery have been the key ingredients in our successful partnership. If you’re seeking an SEO agency that goes above and beyond to deliver tangible outcomes, look no further than SwishDM. Their expertise and unwavering commitment to your success make them the ideal choice for any company looking to thrive in the digital landscape.

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We have been working with i2W for the past year, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Before partnering with them, our organic traffic increased slowly because our company grew fast and had limited human resources invested in SEO. After discussing with i2W and letting them know our difficulty, their team devised a comprehensive SEO strategy that targeted both on-page optimization and link building. Within a few months, we noticed a stable increase in organic traffic, and our website started ranking the most competitive industry keywords on Google’s first page, which brought us a lot of high-quality traffic and sales.

What impressed me the most was their level of communication and transparency throughout the process. They provided progress reports monthly and were always open to discussing strategies and answering our questions. Their dedication and expertise have undoubtedly made a significant impact on our business. i2W are professionals who know what they’re doing and deliver tangible results. Thank you, i2W, for your outstanding work

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